Utar Kampar Student Rental Review

Utar Kampar Student Rental Review

Let's Take A Look At Utar Kampar Map First

Let's take a look at the Taman Surrounding UTAR Kampar


UTAR Kampar Eastgate

There are many Utar Kampar housing area for student to select, for the higher price range above RM200/person (Not including electricity bill and etc) can be summarize below except Taman Kampar Perdana which is growing fast in term of student best choices of accommodation at UTAR Kampar.

UTAR Kampar Westlake Homes (My thinking – Very expensive)


Rental For Room (per person per month)

* One Occupancy RM255/RM275/RM295

* Two Person Sharing RM215


Rental For Room (per person per month)

* One Occupancy RM215/RM230/RM245

* Two Person Sharing RM190


Rental For Room (per person per month)

* One Occupancy RM200 or RM230

* Two Person Sharing RM190

* Three Person Sharing RM175


Rental For Room (per person per month)

* One Occupancy RM290/RM300/RM310

* Two Person Sharing RM220/RM230


Rental For Room (per person per month)

* One Occupancy RM290

* Two Person Sharing RM190/RM220


Beijing A

Rental For Room (per person per month)

* One Occupancy RM295/RM310/RM315/RM320/ RM325/RM330/RM335/RM420

* Two Person Sharing RM260

Beijing B

Rental For Room (per person per month)

* One Occupancy RM290/RM300/RM305/RM310/ RM315/RM320/RM325

* Two Person Sharing RM235

UTAR Kampar – Taman Kampar Perdana (Recommended to stay at landed property with bigger square-feet land and higher roof top for more cooling environment)

Taman Kampar Perdana House Rental – My favorite Taman

3 rooms / 2 bathroom (Single Storey)

* Whole house going for RM600 (Fully Furnished) – Max Occupants 6 person (Per person average rental RM100)

4 rooms / 3 bathroom (Double Storey)

* Whole House going for RM800 (Fully Furnished) – Max Occupants 8 person (Per person average rental RM100)

I believe, Westlake homes are sort of expensive and you should pay extra money for extra bills particularly the electricity bill. Really don’t have faith in the information since a lot of them usually are not genuine in any way. Additionally, each time you enter the location, you’ll want to display your entrance card prior to get into for anyone who has cars, you need to get a high price to get the sticker, just like “blood-sucker”. Rather stress so ?? The lamp can be noisy mainly because initial, that you are sticking to others you do not know in one place and second, it’s not possible to guarantee which the noisy as well. This place are mainly good especially who-are usually-certainly not-study-but-to be able to-enjoy-the-lifetime people couldn’t really exist surrounding you when excessive electricity bill along with boisterous friends and neighbors. Most of the time your housemates ended up excellent as well as good but sometimes you get some different thinking person

Utar Kampar Student Rental Recommendation (My thinking – Cheap, Near and Convenient is Taman Kampar Perdana)

A lot of my friends and I suggested that if you are looking for a long term cheap rental, nearest to UTAR Kampus, good for study condition and quiet, the best place you can find is Taman Kampar Perdana, you can just buy a bicycle and go to UTAR campus in less than 5 minutes journey. Walk to Tesco is also 5 minutes versus paying a high rental at some of the Westlake homes.

For UTAR Kampar student study for science, a person may well would like to stay in Taman Kampar Perdana mainly because ones faculty blocks (D & E) are nearer for you. Unless you’ve motorbike or perhaps car, it is possible to stay at Danish pastry household. Taman Kampar Perdana is usually in case you prefer much more quiet setting plus more green scenery. There are plenty of “makan” shops around and don’t worry, you still can find a lot of foods there including a 24-hour Mamak store for you to eat your favorite Roti Chainai that I love it. Trust me, after went through all the higher rental in the first year, I was regretted why I was staying in a high cost location in Westlake homes. My favorite personal choice is still Taman Kampar Perdana landed house, three words to describe – Cheap, Near, Convenient. Also, the 3G network from Maxis at Taman Kampar Perdana, UTAR Kampar is not bad with almost full coverage for my internet network connection.

Tesco next to Taman Kampar Perdana

UTAR Kampar Tesco

UTAR Kampar Tesco